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Chesapeake's Knowledge Learning Series: Design and Operation of High- Efficiency Heating Water S

As part of its Knowledge Learning Series, the Commercial Division hosted a "Lunch and Learn", Design and Operation of High-Efficiency Heating Water Systems: Are You Making the Grade? on November 10th. Held at the Stanford Grill in Columbia Maryland, this curriculum offered insight into how properly designing and maintaining high-efficiency heating water systems will result in better system performance.

Ultra-High Efficiency heating water systems (up to 99%) are often not operating at design efficiency after the system is turned over to the building owners. With some simple changes to system design and maintenance tasks the curriculum ensured that design efficiency will be maintained throughout the life of the building.

The curriculum also included discussion about how chillers, boilers, pumps, and various heat exchanger coils and devices are not able to work as effectively using the air-fluid mixture as they are when the system is filled with homogenous fluid for which the component calculations are made. 3.5 PDH credits were offered upon completion of this course.

With guest speakers Stephen Clinton P.E., LEED AP, Director of Business Development of Spirotherm and Ross McCartney, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Patterson-Kelley, topics included the following:

  • How air in the system affects system performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership

  • Different types of air in the system and methods of removing it

  • The impact of sediment on a system, how air can be the root cause of this issue and proper ways to remove it

  • Review case studies documenting increased central plant capacity, increased system delta-T's, decreased cooling coil leaving air temperatures, reduced pump VFD speeds, reduced system corrosion, and other positive system impacts from eliminating air

  • The importance of chemical treatment, venting, piping arrangements

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